the apocalypse is coming!!!

if you watch the news here, that’s what you’d think. because we might get – prepare yourself – snow. SNOW I SAID!!!!! yes, yes, we heard you. there is definitely crazy weather going on in these united states right now, but i am hardly one to qualify a *potential* maybe 10 inches of snow as the end of the world as we know it……

not that i have always been this way. when i first moved to kentucky, i feared the snow and any news report of potential freezing conditions put me into a tailspin. however, in my own defense, my “tailspin” never included rushing out to buy a lifetime supply of rock salt, milk or snow shovels. after living in snow likely areas, i am familiar enough now with the hysterical hyperbole of weather persons in particular and news programs in general. even if we have the full amount of predicted snow – how long could it actually last? a day? two? would snow shovels and pounds of rock salt really be required?? really???

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  1. Snow? Pah! You survived 13.1 miles in Central Florida, you can live through a little snow 😉

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