did i mention there are wedding podcasts??? #godforbid

  • “how to look good in pictures” search this one on itunes – its 2008/2009 and i didn’t easily find a good link on the nikon website – but its hosted by carson kressley (love!) and their is a short (maybe 8 minutes) episode about looking good in wedding pics that was nice – and features examples with a great real sized bride at the end.
  • wedding workout – enjoying the first couple of episodes from this 2006-2008 podcast. each episode is kind of an informative bit about a different exercise or nutrition or great sex! passes the time and just the thing to keep you on the treadmill for 30 minutes!
  • wedding podcast network – this site and corresponding itunes podcasts covers many fashion/etiquette/planning topics. i am enjoying henry and michelle roth, a brother/sister/family bridal designing team discussing dresses and fashion, beauty tips and planning ideas. a lot of these various topics are things i knew about, but the voices and podcast formats make them like little ear magazines, again perfect for the treadmill or just passing the time. and much cheaper than all those bridal mags!!


  1. Lets see…if there are podcasts dedicated to “Business Analysts” I could venture a guess that the wedding industry has tapped in as well. 🙂

    My cat is working on a new podcast “Meow-mix Weekly”….He’s having a tough time with the computer though…. Don’t worry, he’s no threat to the real “cats”.

    • sambycat

      nice! we could totally use a contributor!!!

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