crafting fit!

ok. its been a busy week. i came home and had a crafting fit. and i bought a 100ft aisle runner from Michael’s. i have ZERO idea why or what i shall do with it. i also got a little something in the mail –

and, as others on this forum have shared, there was much drama getting this darned card to begin with (apparently they think i live in afghanistan – but thats another story). so of course i go to log into disney honeymoons and…… the website is down. like it is every other 5 seconds. ok, whatever. sure is a cute gift card though and it comes in a great little card! anywho, i got some inspiration for tweaking our invite format – here’s what i’ve done (its a mock up using pieces of invites i’ve already used or printed on, and alot of cut and paste. just squint!) –

ok – this one is showing my new idea for stamping the march hare (or is the white rabbit? i don’t really understand which is which. i guess its the rabbit – he’s the “i’m late” one, right?? i’ve tinted it a bit with colored pencils. the polka dot-ty thing is just tissue paper. i’ve been looking for some kind of vellum sheets, but saw this today in the wrapping paper section of walgreens and thought “hmmmmm”…. you can see a bit of the “info” card that will be attached to the folding envelope (got to pimp the basic Michael’s DIY invites, right?) and a little bit of the thing i am thinking of doing for a table card saying a donation we will make in some loved one’s names.

more of the donation card (its just on regular printer paper for now).

the invite and “info” card in more of a closeup.

i took out the design i was trying out behind the lettering and kept the different fonts. then theres confetti. is confetti just a total no-no? i really am not going to put a gallon in each envelope. i swear. finally, back to the aisle runner deal. my future hubby had scooped up all kinds of red and pink fabric petals on sale after valentines day (so cute!). we cant afford and don’t think we need much decor at all at the WP. but looking at all the redbuds in bloom here today, i had a vision of maybe two big vases or urns (not like biblical hercules size) but maybe 2 vases with some “forced” branches in them? where the branches have the flower buds opening? like in pinks. its january after all, so it would be in season, and i thinki people have said things can be taken to the reception site as well? so branches with buds/pink flowers on either side of the alter area or alter (if there is one i guess i don’t know if they strip all the furniture out then charge you piece by piece…), but those and then the white, scroll-y aisle runner – possibly our date or initials at the foot of it? and all the petals!

whew! i’m exhausted!!

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  1. Woo, DIY fun! Looks great.

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