please be assured that you need to read this*

*and by this, i mean the story about this lovely email, courtesy of jezebel:


So you are saying that I should contact the Met? Just call them? Like its nothing? no biggie! okey dokey! Let me put it in words you can understand: U R A baffoon! I HATE going to the EAST side of the park! I am a little old lady and walking around in that enormous museum would kill me! I hate you for saying “Call the Met” like its nothing! I hate you! Im just going to take a sleeping pill with a glass of whiskey and call it a weekend and the book can wait!! Ill probably lose my job because you ruined my life!!!!!! I hope that all of your JCrew magazines get lost in the mail and that you never get to eat sushi again, that you forget your password on facebook! Before I swallow this pill I am going to write my last check to the society EVER!! For 0$! Notation line: ask Kate! I hope you get bedbugs on the subway ride home today!



P.S. When you leave work today, if an old lady runs up to you and smashes a bottle of wine over your head and runs away cackling, dont be surprised because that old woman IS YOU!!!!

the comments are totally worth your time as well. because that old woman IS YOU!!!!!!!!!!

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