opinions please?

in case you haven’t heard, i’m getting married!

heh. ok, i know you’ve heard. and you know we are just planning planning planning. one of the many things you plan is the ceremony. we are not having a traditional church wedding. in fact we are making wed at what some people would call a church to commercialism and materialism. but i digress…..

i’ve been making lists and reading and ruminating over different things to make a meaningful and fun ceremony for us and our loved ones. i’ve thought about poetry and readings, trace is investigating officiants and i am imagining what songs we might here or ask friends to sing for us. i’ve been looking through a couple books from the library about ceremonies.

all i am clear on so far is really the things we probably wont do. not religious per se, probably will write something special for my groom, but not sure i want to write and read aloud my own vows, no unity candles, no sand ceremonies, no rose flinging, no naked interpretive dance. and aren’t those things more rituals then ceremonies themselves? bygones (fishism).

there are a couple of things that have to do with different wedding rituals and cultures or religions that do intrigue – but how couth is it to “borrow” from the traditions of others?

for example, there is a morocco pavilion at EPCOT, and i’ve always wanted to do mendhi – they have it there. its a traditional part of indian/hindu ceremonies. on a completely flip side, honestly, except for some thing called “a wine box ceremony“, the only thing that i find remotely intiguing and can see myself doing, is jumping the broom. i’m thinking maybe not cool for two white people to jump the broom.

i’m divided. wat do you think?



  1. saundra

    I think you should do it. Your wedding should be full of moments you will remember and be unique to you. I learned after my first wedding, that there are so many things expected to be in a ceremony, but things that at the moment do not stand out in your head and you will never remember that moment. Jumping the broom, is something you will definately remember forever, and you will be able to talk about it as it is unique.

    My second wedding was on the 6 o’clock news, we had to pause the ceremony for the intro and had the weather read from the wedding. Without the pause I think the whole thing would have flown by and something that is so important in my life would have been a lost moment.

    What ever you choose to do, do it for both you and Trace and no one else. It is truly your moment, you don’t want it to be a blur of boring traditions, that you will hardly remember.

    • sambycat

      hmmmm.. good points! the officiant we are thinking about actually is african american, so maybe i could ask him if that is totally crazy or not. that tradition just seems to me like something “non-religious” that has a lot of important symbolism behind it and could be quite joyous!!


      • saundra

        we got married on valentine’s day and it was a wednesday, we happened to hwve scheduled our wedding at 6. The news had called the chapel at city hall to see if they had any weddings that day. Ours was perfect for them. So they started the cermony at the beginning of the 6 o’clock news, then we paused for the commercial break, then they had our vows live. We still laugh at the fact that the tv weather man was at our wedding, and they interviewed us after the cermony live. My hubby announced to everyone in the viewing public where our reception was. Fortunately we had no wedding crashers.

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