well YEHAA y’all!!

hello. i am now a texan.

got here 4 days ago. we have painted 2 bedrooms, we have emptied more of the garage. i am trying to clean and reorganize the kitchen. i have been to walmart 812 times since i have been here and have easliy spent 1K there. the movers arrive with a truckload of my crap in 3 days.

none of the texas animals like my crazy dog. and vice versa. blood has been drawn.

not sure when FT employment will restart. the fiance continues to look for work and we are investigating further education as well.

and we are planning a wedding.

i have a headache. a really really big headache.

but i DID wake up early(ish) this morning and “wog” (PS its like 105 degrees outside right now). our new flooring looks gorgeous. it’s really quite beautiful here in saginaw. i am finally with my new family!



  1. 105, sounds like good old Northeast weather! Good job getting out there despite the heat and stress! Believe it or not, it’ll help you get through it. Now go bar-b-Q something!!! 🙂

  2. Saundra

    Congrats on making it to texas. Don’t let the wedding planning get the best of you. It is a celebration for you to enjoy, so when you get overwelmed take a step back to breathe.

    Enjoy the next chapter of your lives together.

  3. Yay!!! So happy for both of you. 🙂

  4. Well Howdy!

    Congrats on a successful move! Hope all contiues to go well.

  5. I’m so glad you’re finally there and hopefully will be able to settle in soon!

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