a friend gone, but not forgotten

once a friend of mine wrote a post about how she met a friend on the interwebz and flew to the other side of the continent and stayed with this friend in order to catch a very important lecture and also do some sightseeing (godforbid).  

yesterday, this friends husband finally succumbed to the cancer he had been diagnosed with in 2007.

in 2007, i was fully ensconced in “lipgloss & laptops”, my first fave podcast, through which i came to blogging and podcasting. in fact, i had my first near miss with derek and air that january, as we were all in southern california at the time and even visited disneyland within days of each other. i never had the honor of meeting derek in person, but he was quick to answer any email i sent, respond to any comment i made and even had me on his blog roll, if you can imagine.

i always imagined getting up north to meet derek and air and the girls all in person, and i hope i still can someday – even though @penmachine won’t be there in person, he will always most definitley be there in many many other ways. i’ve never listened to the last episode of L&L, but it forever remains on my iTunes playlist. likewise, penmachine is always gonna stay in my bookmarks.

and also everytime i curse the punctuation gods for him being correct about APA format and the spacing between the period and the next word. godforbid.

find a link to his last interview with the cbc here.


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  1. I’m so sorry about your loss. I’ve just read his last blog post — it’s deeply moving.

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