it’s got me crabby

crab grass that is.

i’ve been googling grasses (sounds fun, no?), and me thinks about 75% of the grass in our combined lawnage area is crab grass. crabbygrassy. me no likey. especially because i am now obsessed with weeding the lawn (its akin to popping those packing bubbles) and i’ve effectively run out of satisfying large weeds to rip from the earth, root and all.

trying really hard not to meander “accidentally” onto the neighbors lawns and grab those monstrous dandelion plants…..

apparently though, this is not the time of year to deal with this problem. for a few brief moments in my research last night, i was thinking i might just go start yanking out all the crabgrass balls and fling them into the trash. however that would leave us with a further denuded lawn, more susceptible to weed invaders. it seems its a spring/fall attack thing, so we kinda missed the first prong. of course it did say that weeding them out was good, or at least preventing them from going to seed. also, keeping your lawn mowed to the higherside of things (so that the “good” grass will shade and choke out the crabbies). welllllll that seemed like helpful info until i went outside and saw that pretty mouch all of the lawn is below the suggested grass length for mowing AND all that freakin’ crabby grass has got seedy sprouty blades shooting all about. arg!

i did try and yank some up and snap off the obvious seed heads, but that was about it.

on a brighter note, my lantana is blooming, the mondo grass has little flowers, herb seeds continue to emerge and even the branch of our one rose bush i accidentally whacked off this weekend and attempted to plant is still green in the ground.

this weekend, we found 2 lawn ornament statues and a white rose bush to plant, as well as more hostas and fountain grass. did i mention i am working an alice in wonderland garden theme for our backyard?

this is alice reading a book on a golden afternoon

my white rabbit


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