i consider this blog to be my own personal journal and scrapbook – the ramblings, if you will, of a single, forty something, california girl living life in the tidewater. i try to date, love to row, and am a podcaster and blogger on all things disney, as well as the owner of a completely psychotic poo tzu who bites me on a regular basis and is quite possibly the love of my life. i am counting down the hours till my one last twisted ova shrivels beyond repair – yet i remain optimistic.

 the opinions i express are my own, and i conceal any identifying information whenever possible. if anyone knows what anything is about – please let me know…


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  1. I just realised – this is ambiguous – I have been assuming that you love to “row” in a row-boat or somesuch, but in the context right after dating, perhaps you meant that you love to argue! Feel free to clear that up or leave it ambiguous, but I thought I would point it out – because, well, maybe it is funny? Does this make me an optimist or just left field or something? I like to think I see the best in people….

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