a friend gone, but not forgotten

once a friend of mine wrote a post about how she met a friend on the interwebz and flew to the other side of the continent and stayed with this friend in order to catch a very important lecture and also do some sightseeing (godforbid).  

yesterday, this friends husband finally succumbed to the cancer he had been diagnosed with in 2007.

in 2007, i was fully ensconced in “lipgloss & laptops”, my first fave podcast, through which i came to blogging and podcasting. in fact, i had my first near miss with derek and air that january, as we were all in southern california at the time and even visited disneyland within days of each other. i never had the honor of meeting derek in person, but he was quick to answer any email i sent, respond to any comment i made and even had me on his blog roll, if you can imagine.

i always imagined getting up north to meet derek and air and the girls all in person, and i hope i still can someday – even though @penmachine won’t be there in person, he will always most definitley be there in many many other ways. i’ve never listened to the last episode of L&L, but it forever remains on my iTunes playlist. likewise, penmachine is always gonna stay in my bookmarks.

and also everytime i curse the punctuation gods for him being correct about APA format and the spacing between the period and the next word. godforbid.

find a link to his last interview with the cbc here.


it begins again

yes i am back. well, i’ve always been here, but i am trying to get re-inspired in my blogging, perhaps put the twitter down for a moment or two a day and revisit old loves and hobbies from… before….

in this vein, i can tell you that last week, trace and i finally, officially registered for the 2012 disney half (no, no goofy registration as i can’t be sure what vacation i can get off untill the last minute). i’ve just completed my umpteenth circuit of couch-2-5K and moved up to the bridge to 10k app that i so enjoy. except….

except, i HATE running. if it is a matter of running for more than a 20 minute interval, i just want to die. i do not love it and it sometimes seems like it gets harder instead of easier. so, i “should” have run yesterday, but it looked like it was going to storm. i “should” have run today, but i got home late and now… well, i just need it to be 2:30 right now instead of 5. i am going to go out and do some more gardening is what i am going to do.

so don’t ask why exactly, but i swear i am going to get that damned coast-to-coast medal this year. and then never run again. i want to RUN the disney half this january – i would like to finish in under 2:30 – but i will take running the whole thing, then running the DL half faster! I wan’t to be at 2 hours. this is doable.

but would involve me actually running.

to be continued……


for someone who absolutely HATES looking at pictures of themself, i’ve been spending an inordinate amount of time slogging through the 900+ professional wedding pictures we now have in our hands. what to do with all of them?

in case you haven’t noticed me flinging pictures all over twitter-


we clean up well, no?

honeymoon <3

as you read this, we are setting sail! bon voyage!!! see ya real soon!!!



we are on our way….