i’d kind of forgotten how much i enjoy gardening since i haven’t lived in my “own” home or had much more than a random pot or two to attempt gardening in over the last few years. lucky for me, i married a guy with real estate and less enthusiasm than  mine for gardening – meaning he will mow the lawn but beyond that doesn’t do too much nor care too much what i might do to it!

when i owned my first home in kentucky, i discovered the fun that was gardening. i bought a home that was built for me, if you can call the modest tract home with minimal decision making choices (NO CORIAN???? WTF?!?) “built” for me, but , nonetheless, it was my first home and a cool one. it was on nearly a quarter acre with a neat little forest-y area at the very back. i did the sod thing (included) but left the “landscaping package” (essentially two bradford pears and some boxwood) behind  and took the credit towards god knows what – probably trim moulding or something.

in any event, i discovered a fondness for gardening and a slightly verdant thumb.

fast forward to the wild wilderness i have begun to homestead with the hubby. our grass is a bit sad, he blames this on his being out with me the entirety of last june when it is like 1000 degrees every day in texas. i agree but also see evidence of old grass and poor drainage, just a generally ageing lawn that needs some TLC. and thats where i come in!

i’ve seeded and weeded and finally planted the bulbs i bought at walmart last fall that sat on our porch until april (yay me!). i’ve dug up 3 bed areas, created 2 raised beds, cut back trees, pulled and moved the copious and no longer flowering iris’ (but failed to think in advance about giving someone the corms i ended up removing – rats!), planted seeds and multiple plants front and back. we’ve a long way to go, but it’s looking pretty good! a before….. and more to follow…..

my old kentucky home - yes that was my stab at building my own rustic stone wall...



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