color me embarrassed

(pictures will follow)


THAT sounds intriguing, don’t it?!?


nothing near any kind of lascivious excitement, friends, just a garden update. and it turns out that the thinner leaved, bunchy things i was hacking away at earlier in the season are not all irises, but lots and lots of day lillies – that are now blooming! they still needed major thining so all is well, but when stalks began to shoot up last week…. well, i knew i’d misjudged.

so, we continue to work on the lawn (trace is a masterful water-er!). i’ve no idea how you set your mower to mow at 2-21/2″ as the anti-crabby grass people suggest. and none of our grass gets that high, just the weedy parts, so its kind of difficult to atempt to wait it out. but, its still filling in in the front and i planted a few new plants today – some creeping fig (WhateverTF that is) and some lillies and some ferns in the back. my hostas have some weird brown leaves. i’ve never had problems with hosts so i son’t know what that is. too much water? also, lots of foiliage dying down in front that is yellow form the late bulbs i planted me thinks, so i sut that back, dead headed a bit. sadly for my ACD needs, there really aren’t any yankable weeds on our property now. of course, the beds still have some questionable grass like new growth, but i’m still not 100% about wheter or not its seeds i threw down or not! as i pur out mostly dianthus and cosmos and some hollyhocks, i *think* what i think are weeds are, but not 100% sure…..

tomorrow we are going to check out a nursery with elephant statues. how exciting!


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  1. Michelle Swanson

    Miz Lisa, I’ve been growing and selling plants as a little side business/hobby-that-pays-for-itself for almost 20 years now and might be able to give you assistance as questions arise. As luck would have it, I specialize in daylilies, hostas, and Siberian irises. Sooooo…should you wish to email me some photos I may be able to help you diagnose problems and identify unknown members of your garden party. And if you REALLY need to weed more, I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 2 jillion linear feet of daylily rows that are in great need of your services! 😀

    ~~Michelle in Michigan (where the weather is MUCH nicer to garden in)

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