arm me with harmony

Damn Linda Evangelista and damn her eyebrows! I have been off the last two days and work tomorrow. Finally got some precious pool time (mit sonnenshein) outside and have been passing the late afternoon with VH1s countdown of the top 100 songs of the 90s. Ahhhhh, the memories! Linda, Christie, Cindy, Naomi, Tatjana….

God I used to have so much fun going out every Thursday – not Friday or Saturday (for amateurs) – say to the I Beam in the Haight for 70’s funk remixes or DV8 and see my bouncer boyfriend du jour. This was a time when my bestie at the time and I would spend hours getting into costume – we did elaborate hair dos involving hair that was not our own – and i recall fringed shorts as well as chaps with hand cuffs as a decoration. We were on the list wherever and knew people. Fortunately for all involved, there is no photographic evidence documenting my circa 1990s love of beehive hairdos, electric blue eyeshadow, babydoll dresses or fishnets. They could not possibly live up to my memories.


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